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Ornament from Louis Sullivan's Carson Pirie Scott Building (Courtesy Tim Samuelson)


Sullivan Center - Cast Iron Restoration

The Sullivan Center, formerly known as the Carson Pirie Scott & Co. Store Building, is perhaps one of the most recognized and significant historic buildings in Chicago. Harboe Architects led the restoration of the historic cast iron façades of this landmark building. In order to do this, the cast iron was carefully detached from the building, all previous paint coatings and corrosion was removed and the condition of each of the pieces was assessed for damage. Where necessary, damaged cast iron pieces were repaired and those that were irreparable were recast.

After each cast iron piece was cleaned, it was painted to match the original color and finish and reinstalled in its original location. In addition to restoring the cast iron, Harboe Architects managed the replacement of all the glazing at the first and second floor windows with new clear glass. Additionally, Harboe Architects completed a survey of all historic interior millwork and paneling at the exterior wall. Where possible, existing wood trim was reinstalled. All damaged pieces were replaced with new trim that accurately matched the profile of the originals. Completed in the fall of 2010, the restored cast iron storefronts of the historic Sullivan Center once again exhibit their original magnificence and beauty.

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